Why 'Goose Factory' Art?

Over the last few years I have given a few different answers to the question 'Why is it called the Goose Factory?'.

Originally it was called 'Inside the Goose Factory'.

It all started when my partner said that being in my head must be like living 'inside a goose factory'. When she was quizzed about what this actually meant by her friend, she said "There are sort of three things it can be. A factory that creates geese, a factory that is shaped like a giant goose or a factory that has a goose workforce. Or a combination of these things. But as soon as I said the words 'Goose Factory' he (me-Peter) will have thought of some other thing"

She was correct. I was already deeply immersed in a story about what the Goose Factory was.

"Come on" she said "out with it..."

"Well, its this factory that has a workforce comprised entirely of geese. They make golden eggs for a living. There are two shifts. A day shift and a night shift. Each shift makes one golden egg each day. each shift thinks that the opposing shift is the shift that packages and delivers the golden egg. Trevor the night shift manager some how works out that this is not the case. The factory has been producing two golden eggs a day and not the single egg that he assumed. He decides that he is going to find out where the eggs go..."

Jenny waved her hand up and down "stop, stop. You see there is always this stuff going on in there and it is either getting in the way or its genius. But mostly I think, that if anyone else was in there it would just be incoherent noise..."

Anyway, this always amused me and after Jenny sadly passed away I decided to use it as the name of my artistic endeavors.

Inside The Goose Factory became simply The Goose Factory which became Goose Factory Art when I started this site.

I hope that goes some way to clearing that question up.